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Our dear friend and fellow poker player, Korene, shared how the Poker Power community has changed the way she approaches her personal and professional life. We were so excited, we wanted to share with you too.

We love to hear your experiences and how you’ve been empowered through poker.  Want to share something? Drop us a line anytime, anywhere. 

Community is a safe place that I can run to for comfort, active support, and motivation when the outside world gets crazy. It’s where I can be 100% authentic and at peace, knowing those within it love and accept me as I am.

What brought you into the fold? 

I learned about Poker Power when I started working at PEAK6. After reading more about how poker can increase confidence in the boardroom, help with calculated risks, and strengthen overall financial decision making—I knew it was something I needed to do, not just for me, but for my daughter as well. Also, I’ve secretly wanted to play poker since watching the movie, “Curly Sue” as a kid (she was so cool).

How has Poker Power changed the way you view poker? 

The game of poker always seemed taboo. For the most part, I only associated it with men and gambling. However, Poker Power helped me see it as a game of strategy – like chess. Upon showing up to my first poker lesson, I immediately felt more confident—like I had a seat at a table I wasn’t permitted at previously.

Have you shared poker with your friends and family or were you cutting cards before Poker Power? 

When I learned about Poker Power, I immediately reached out to my network and was able to start my poker journey with eight friends—all dynamic, professional Black Women looking to acquire new skills to push them further in their respective careers. We had so much fun during our Sunday lessons and even hosted a few poker parties after. Many have asked me to start up lessons again.

Biggest takeaway from Poker Power? 

Bet on yourself and don’t fold so easily. No matter what, you have to show up to the table confident, even if you have nothing in your hand.

What’s your advice for new women interested in playing a hand

Join Poker Power asap! You won’t regret it.

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